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Feb 7, 2019
Minecraft Username? (Include NameMC Link):

Discord Tag? (ex. Fire#9999):
Do you have access to teamspeak and a working microphone:
What is your age? (Must be 15 to apply):
What is your Timezone?:
GMT +1

Do you have the ability to record minecraft gameplay (Required):

How active can you be?:
Anywhere from 25-35 hours on weekdays (depending on school work etc) on weekends I can put anywhere from 6 hours to 8 hours a day. And that does not include Teamspeak, I will always be on TeamSpeak when my pc is open

Where are you from?:

Do you have any previous infractions on our server?:

Why do you want to become staff on our server?:
I want to be staff on CavePvP to help the community, it sounds like what every other player says but its true. I want to gain better experience in staffing while playing on CavePvP. CavePvP is a big and growing Minecraft server and I want to be there to support it. There can be a lot, a lot of toxic players in Minecraft and I'm not gonna lie I've been toxic as well but I want to show that it's possible to change that and reduce it. I want to be staff as well because I know I have a lot of experience in dealing with players, even though I have not been staff on the biggest servers, I have played on them. I know how players act and I know how to keep it relaxed on the server even as a player. I can deal with nice and calm players and with toxic players as well, I don't think dealing with players should be a challenge and I don't take it as one. In general, I want to be staff to help grow the community, make it fun for everyone and have a good time.
What makes you a better choice than other applicants?:
I am well suited for staff given my past experience as staff and how many different scenarios I have been through. For example: I know how to correctly handle people in chat whether they are spamming or making death threats, I know how to handle reports that players do on other players and I am also quite good at detecting whether or not a player is hacking just from looking at them in the third person, I feel like all this experience I have and all the various scenarios I have partaken in making me a good choice to be staff and I feel like I would be able to help the server vastly and improve the community extremely. Repeating the stuff I said above, I think I should be accepted as staff because I am experienced, mature and a nice player. I think having young staff could be a pro as well because well Minecraft obviously has a lot of young players and I would agree that they find it easier to communicate and talk with players their age.
If accepted, what can you do to benefit the server?:
I am a 15-year-old kid which may for many people be seen as a young and immature kid who just likes having fun, but I can guarantee and show you that I am mature. Of course, I like to have fun but when it comes to staffing I will take it seriously and prove that I'm worthy. I will respect all players as well as follow and listen to orders from higher up staff.

As I said, I can be really active up to 5 hours a day on weekdays and that is a big thing for me. It will allow me to dedicate a lot of time into CavePvP and show that I am worthy of being staff. If I am not playing ingame I will be on Discord helping players. As a helper, most of my time will go into being on Kit map / HCF in /mod watching for player reports and hackers.

I have OBS / StreamLabs / GeForce Experience on my computer and I am able to record with all these tools. I will primarily use GeForce as it allows me to playback the past 5-10 minutes which is easy to use and a nice use if I need to show proof of something.

In being staff there's a lot of things you have to make sure of but being unbiased is a big part. Let's say my good irl friend is playing and he has admitted to me he is using an auto clicker with no staff logs. I will not just let him use it and have fun killing other players unfairly but I will tell him to stop using him and if not ban him for the punishments stated in the rules.

I currently live in Denmark and understand and speak a bit of Spanish, I speak fluent Danish along with that and I understand Arabic almost fluently. This can help me communicate with a lot of players mostly Danish and Arabic of course and can be a big use for Discord.

Being a staff member I will not be scared to speak my meaning to higher up staff. If I think something is going wrong I will report it and ask if we can do something about it. Obviously, I won't go in Discord and name everything I hate to higher up staff but I will report mistakes that I find a lot ingame or on Discord. I will also be truthful with like what I said on unbiased if I have a good friend hacking or breaking the rules that I know of and someone asks me I will not lie and say he/she is not breaking rules.

My screen sharing skills are decent and I can find specific clients. My ssing will not be as good as an SS verified staff I assume but I can guarantee I can find some specific and hidden clients. I have strings to find the specific type of stuff like Vape Lite or VapeV3 which I got from a friend.

Like I have stated before, I will be active not only ingame but in Discord as well. I will be on for all of the staff meetings I can make and I will be sure to be active ingame as its the most important for me. I know that there are a lot of hackers on CavePvP which I witnessed a lot in the past and I know there is a lot that the staff logs don't catch which is where the role of any staff come in. If I spot an obvious hacker bhopping, flying etc I will instantly ban them for the punishment required.
What is your past experience:

I do not have any proof of being staff on Breach but I was Helper for around 2-3 weeks until I got tired and quit 100-200 players daily

PvpAcademy: 20-40 Players daily
No proof but can contact the owner DennisStrafe for proof to show I was a moderator on it, quite a small server but a nice experience and learned a few stuff.

Zelux was a fairly big practice / hcf server with 50-100 players a day. On zelux, I learned all general commands of being staff on an HCF server and how to use them properly which is the main reason I'm looking for other HCF servers to play on which can help me even more.

I have been staff on other servers but I do not really count them because they were generally small with at max 50 players and it was around 2017-18 (new pc so no proof) in all these servers have given me a lot of experience and knowledge in playing MC and staffing on here
Additional Information:

I hope my English does not bother you as Danish is my first language, thank you!
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Oct 25, 2018
Your application is good in most areas but could use some revising. specifically the font size and excessive spacing. You make your application seem like 3x larger than it actually is, I legit thought my phone was bugging and stuck on zoom-in.


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Feb 7, 2019
Your application is good in most areas but could use some revising. specifically the font size and excessive spacing. You make your application seem like 3x larger than it actually is, I legit thought my phone was bugging and stuck on zoom-in.
Thank you, I edited the font size but I checked over with Grammarly and most mistakes are "ssing" "bhopping" etc


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Oct 25, 2018
Pending, please wait in TS ( and put - Manager next to your name. You can also contact me on discord Fire#1101 if you want to set up a time as you are EU.
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