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Oct 25, 2018
CavePvP Application Information
Hey there! Interested on applying for a staff position on our network? Then I suggest you read through this whole post as it explains what you can do to persuade us to accept your application. Failure to comply with any rules listed in this post will result in an instant denial. Please note that the formats for Trial Mod and Chat Mod are listed in separate posts for less confusion. There are also some requirements that must be met prior to you applying for staff which will be listed below.
Currently searching for
Trial Mods: Yes
Chat Mods: Yes

- Activity in-game prior to applying
- You must display maturity in-game, in teamspeak, in discord, and on the forums prior to applying.
- You must have access to TeamSpeak
- You must have a microphone that is clear and not difficult to understand.
- You must be at the minimum 14 years of age.
- Your previous infractions must be minimal.
There are also a few rules to follow while making an application. After you have gone ahead and reviewed the rules regarding applications then scroll to the very bottom for some tips on how to give you a better chance of being accepted. These rules are expected to be followed and respected, if you decide to violate any of these rules then your application will be set to denied without it even being read.

- You may not ask or beg other players to view and "+1" your application as that may cause biased judgement.
- You may not ask staff members to read your application as it in all honesty just annoys them.
- Your application must display proper usage of grammar and punctuation as it reflects your maturity and professionalism.
And now for some tips on how to improve your application and give you a better chance at acceptance

- Help other players prior to being staff. We understand that as a default you can not do much, but players will most definitely appreciate you attempting to assist them regardless of your rank, and so will we. This applies to the server, website, teamspeak, and discord.
- It will greatly help your application if you have previous experience. We search for staff who are able to do their job correctly without instruction. Player count does not matter when explaining your previous experiences, It could be a server with 10 players or a server with 5000, there is no difference to us. Previous experience is not required but will greatly help your chances.
- We suggest putting a considerable amount of time, effort, and detail into your application. It should show proper grammar and punctuation. I personally suggest a minimum of 750 words but that is just me. Your responses should be detailed with examples to back them up.
- Finally, you should try to have a good reputation in the community. Meaning that you should not be a known for toxicity or otherwise inappropriate actions. If you have a long history of toxicity or other things then your application will most likely be denied.
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