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Oct 25, 2018
CavePvP Staff Applications
The following is the format to apply for a staff position on our network. Your application should be completely new and unique to our network. We search for Active, Productive, Professional, and Dedicated staff members. You must be 14 years of age to apply for a staff position. Teamspeak is also required. Please be honest in your appeal as if we find out you lied you will be blacklisted from applying. If accepted, you will be required to connect to our teamspeak for a brief interview before we decide on accepting you. Thank you.

Minecraft Username? (Include NameMC Link):

Discord Tag? (ex. Fire#9999):

Do you have access to teamspeak and a working microphone:

What is your age? (Must be 15 to apply):

What is your Timezone?:

Do you have the ability to record minecraft gameplay (Required):

How active can you be?:

Where are you from?:

Do you have any previous infractions on our server?:

Why do you want to become staff on our server?:

What makes you a better choice than other applicants?:

If accepted, what can you do to benefit the server?:

What is your past experience:

Additional Information:
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