List of all the bugs (that i know) on CavePvP's HCF


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Dec 1, 2018
This is a list of all the bugs that i found with the new custom core that Cave is now using.

1 - Bard effects -> The only passive effect that works is Strength the rest of them all you have to right click them as in regen and resistence, you cant get them unless its a res 3 or regen 3, on the other hand wither isn't considered an effect at all you cant right click it because its not an effect or not considered one, and the final thing is that unless you roll them very slowly you cant roll the effects this is a HUGE disadvantage in teamfights (especially bigger ones) and running in bases because not only cant you roll effects but you cant hold them this is definitely one of the bigger bugs that must be fixed.

2 - Classes dont give speed -> Archer and Bard and rogue sometimes dont get the speed that they need in their class / as in an archer kit would give you Resistance 3 but no speed same for bard and rogue sometimes this is a bug I dont get and I havent seen it since the 3.0 update this is however a smaller bug but still would need fixing. The way this happens is you use a custom enchant set and then put on an archer set and it doesnt work.

3 - Kits pearls and crapples -> This is a really obvious bug that needs to be fixed and it used to happen on Velt, and Arcane. The bug is that when you do a kit such as Emperor or Archer or Diamond instead of getting the full 16 pearls and 8 / 16 crapples (depending on kit) instead you'd end up getting like 13 pearls and 2 crapples, this bug is really annoying because then you'd have to go farm pearls ( which i personally dont mind at all ) but the crapples part you cant get apples because of the fact that trees are custom trees and they dont drop apples if you break them this is really annoying because crapples on cave are really the only thing that can win you a gank fight which is basically all the fights on cave. Please fix this because it is one of the most annoying bugs there is.

4 - Rogue class -> Rogue when using sugar cant give speed 4 or speed 5 this is an annoying bug because of claiming on sotw there isnt much to talk about this bug because its a smaller one that only matters for sotw.

5 - Backstabs (Rogue) -> again a small bug that wont affect much but still needs to be fixed, Rogue's backkstab doesnt work at all. The entire class's backstab doesnt work rendering rogue a useless class.

6 - Strength 2 does too much damage sometimes (rarely) -> This bug happens rarely but strength 2 does a higher amount of damage sometimes I dont have proof of it because the bug was reported by someone else i asked i wouldnt mind this bug because bard barely works.

7 - Crates not giving some stuff -> This is a problem with some chances of getting stuff from crates this includes Iron not giving crapples and Diamond not giving Gopples as shown in the crate view

Thanks for reading this. Hopefully these bugs will be fixed.
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Oct 28, 2018
With #2 the effects do work if you put the set on for the first time but if you use the sugar with bard or archer kit and you speed 3 and then if it runs out you don't get the speed that the kit was supposed to have.