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Feb 10, 2019
Minecraft Username? (Include NameMC Link): Juai | NameMC
Discord Tag? (ex. Firebendinq#6668): PitzTop#2087

Do you have access to Teamspeak and a working microphone: Yes I have access to Ts and a mic.

What is your age? (Must be 14 to apply): 15.

What is your Timezone?: PST

Do you have the ability to take screenshots (Required): I have the ability to record and take screenshots.

How active can you be?: I play Minecraft for about 6 hours a day sometimes more.

Where are you from?: Im Usually from Ukraine and Russia and I moved to America and I have fluent English And Ukrainian.

Do you have any previous infractions on our server?: Nope Im Clean.

Why do you want to become staff on our server?: I want to become staff on this server because I want to help others and see the other side from HCF. Helping people in Support rooms and etc,

What makes you a better choice than other applicants?: What makes me better than other applicants is im pretty helpful I tend to do shit when ppl ask to do them im not that toxic, I respect people how they want to be respected and ill help out the community more than you think.

If accepted, what can you do to benefit the server?: I Bring another staff member to the team and if you have more staff the less waiting time there is in the support room, I understand cheating because I did it before not no more but I can tell I someone is cheating or not and I've been in a lot of situations in the time period of my HCF expierience (2 Years)

What are your thoughts on how toxicity has affected the HCF community? I think what affected the HCF community is trapping. people in chat talking shit and just salty people there are a lot of people in the HCF community that are really toxic and we can't really do anything about it not if we ban them all, but therefore there are too much so I think you can't really help it

What is your past experience: Some past experience that I had on servers I was mod on CosmicPVP that was my first staff experience I liked that but I got into HCF and I never had applied to a pretty big server before I applied to a server it was called SnowyHCF and it had around 20 plays playing I was Mod+ and I was getting to know how to ss people at that time

Additional Information: So I was on cave no faction and I was looking at Cave and thinking to my self I should apply and help this server grow, so if I get accepted that would be great.
Oct 25, 2018
Tons of grammar and punctuation mistakes regardless of where you are from. Lack of effort and detail in all areas. I recommend checking your applications grammar and punctuation with Grammarly or smallseotools
Jan 26, 2019
Some past experience
Followed the correct format

No proof of staffing
Little to no detail
Uses slang in staff application (also it's not a good idea to refer to stuff as "shit")

Good luck!

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