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Jan 17, 2019
Minecraft Username? (Include NameMC Link):

HalfDollar (Click Here)

Discord Tag? (ex. Fire#9999):


Do you have access to Teamspeak and a working microphone:


What is your age? (Must be 15 to apply):


What is your Timezone?:


Do you have the ability to record Minecraft gameplay (Required):


How active can you be?:

Monday 3 - 6 hours
Tuesday 3 - 6 hours
Wednesday 3 - 6 hours
Thursday 3 - 6 hours
Friday 3 - 6 hours
Saturday 7 - 10 hours
Sunday 7 - 10 hours

Where are you from?:

United States

Do you have any previous infractions on our server?

Yes, but they were solved with SimplyTrash and firesteel

Why do you want to become staff on our server?:

I wanna make sure that Cave won't have any hackers that would make the Cave community boring and annoying for people having to get in Teamspeak to get revived every time they die to a hacker on HCF or losing some OP stuff to a hacker and I have experienced both and It honestly sucked so I want to make sure that no hackers or exploiters get on Cave and make the community boring.

Also, I find CavePvP a place to actually enjoy HCF and chill around with your friends so I just want to help the community with anything and I want to answer as many questions as they want help find bugs/exploits and report it. Sometimes with friends on HCF, we mess around a bit and then get all serious again and help out the community, along with obviously not being abusive or toxic towards the players or ignore any players that need help and just keep doing my thing. Also, one important thing that I focus on is, I look at TeamSpeak every 5-10 mins to make sure no one is waiting in TeamSpeak for help and wait for a long time as I have seen a lot of people waiting for many hours.

I also would be active on the server and the Teamspeak to make sure no one needs help with any type of thing whether he was insided or hacked on, I also would make sure no one is abusing any glitch I also sometimes say in chat "If you need my help come in TeamSpeak" or "If you want to ask me a question, you can PM me or use /helpop", I will continue to say that to make sure no one spams chat for help or spam /helpop for help. I'd also work hard on my Job because this is a serious job and you need to work carefully and actually try to be helpful and try to make the community a better place for everyone and I am going to make sure that I do my job smoothly and not in a rush.

I want to become staff because of how much I love the server and the community and the things that I can do that can make Cave a safe and more fun place. I love to play HCF with my friends on big servers like MineHQ. I always see Hackers everywhere I go someones b hopping on SOTW down road dying to them contently and staff not doing anything about it in game. Then you have to go to Teamspeak where all the staff ignores you. I want to make sure that doesn't happen and if I miss it I will always be there to help in Teamspeak. I love helping people and working I know it's not a real job but I will always treat it like one I take everyone's needs seriously so they can have the best experience on Cave and hopefully make it grow more. I love the aspect of being able to help people it makes me feel good about my self-knowing that I helped someone and made there day a little bit better/ easier. Also making sure everyone's concerns/ Questions will always be answered. I love dealing with a lot of people even if it could take hours as long as I get the job done. Another reason is that of time-zones. There are a lot of different people logging in from around the world and a lot of them take advantage of that because of staff times so really early in the morning when people could be trying to farm they would cheat and I don't want that to happen. I love the server in general how much time and effort all the staff put time into the server and I hope I could do that too. The Owner how much time and effort he also puts into making the server better and trying to make it a better place and more enjoyable. I'll always be there too I don't give up I'll be there for the whole ride the bumpy times the hard times the good times and the alright times. I won't give up and ill try my best make it better constantly.

What makes you a better choice than other applicants?:

I would like to be a member of the staff team as staffing is genuinely what I enjoy doing in Minecraft. I would love to be staff to help out the players of the server. I will be very active because this is the best server that I have ever played on.

I want to become staff because I love helping out other players on the server So that they want to keep playing on the server and not have to worry about when they're going to be moved in Teamspeak.

I take pride in making sure that the players have the best time on the server and I consider it a failure on my behalf if a player has a bad time. I want to become staff because It's the only thing I do on Minecraft. Ever since I resigned from SylphHCF I pretty much haven't opened Minecraft once since moderation and administration Is the only thing I do on this game, It's the only thing I still find fun In the game, I want to be a part of something new and build a nice and better community. I Would Like To Be accepted for staff simply because I know I can do a good job and help out players in need. I've wanted to to be staff on a good server since. CavePvP and this seems like a wonderful opportunity. I am super efficient and think I could really help out the Cave network. I will spectate players and see if they are hacking or modding. I remember Good memories of HCF servers and lately, I haven't been having much fun on servers due to hackers and a toxic community. I want to make the community better. so everyone can be happy and have fun. Removing Advertisers from the networking- I know this is a big thing on a somewhat smaller server because they have less staff on it so its easier for them to Advertise because they won't get banned as quick as on bigger servers.

You should pick me over someone else because I feel like I have a lot of experience in Screensharing (without a tool) and I can also do staff management, system management. I also know people that do website designs and also someone who does hosting.

I know a lot about HCF and KitMap, and I think that I could contribute to the community as well as server-side. I'm respectful of people who are respectful towards me.

If someone decides to come in Teamspeak shouting I will do my best to calm them down and help them resolve the problems that they want help with.

And I would say that I am quite a good friend of a lot of the staff. I hang around in Teamspeak a lot of the time, I usually just talk with the staff on different kinds of subjects, and someone told me that I should apply because I am already helping the community and staff out pretty good.

I'm not the most active on the forums though, but I'm planning on making myself a quite active member of the forums in the future. It would be fun being a part of the lovely staff team that is CavePvP staff team, I already know so many of the people in it.

I feel like I could fit in the server's staff team pretty well as I have been staff on various big servers in the past and I see no problem with fitting into the staff team that they have today. I think that I am a pretty professional staff member and I have 4+ years of experience on small and big servers.

I think that it’s coming to a point in time where I have been staff on more big servers than smaller servers. I just generally think that I would fit in perfectly into the staff team because of my extent of staffing experience. I would love it if you could leave some feedback telling me what I could improve on this application and I will try my best to edit it as most as I can.

I'm trying my best writing this application, so hopefully, I get a lot of nice comments. I hope you can leave ratings that would explain your rating, and I hope I don’t just get -/+1 with no comment added. I want to know why you rated me.


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Trial Mod
Jan 17, 2019
If accepted, what can you do to benefit the server?:

Maturity - I understand how to act around players in the game and in TeamSpeak. I do not insult other players or try to start a 'Riot' in chat ever. I know that players will attempt to annoy you sometimes, it is a given on Minecraft, but I won't let it affect me and I will not reply with any rude remarks or even reply at all unless they are asking a question.

Also, I can spectate a reported player and answer questions in the game or in Teamspeak at the same time.

Consideration - I am not an unfair person. I will consider both players arguments in a story and then analyze both points to decide what action I should take, I will never make any quick decisions to get something out of the way.

Bias - I will never favor my friend or a player I like over a player that I don't like. I will treat everyone fairly and give everyone the same treatment. I will make sure that no unfair judgments are made and that the correct action is taken place.

Lazy - I am not lazy and I refuse to slack, I enjoy what I do and I believe it would be wrong to have a member on the staff team who ignores players occasionally. I will always try my hardest to solve problems and make sure they are properly resolved.

Rules - I obey the rules and do my best to enforce them. If a player breaks the rules I will punish them accordingly. I will also make sure that they understand they are breaking a rule so they don't do it again.

Communication - I have a working microphone that does not sound bad (blue yet), I have discord, Skype, Teamspeak, and telegram.

Screenshotting - I have Gyazo so I can easily screenshot something if needed.

Social - I enjoy talking to other players in chat and getting to know people, I will never ignore a player if they need me for actual help or even just someone to talk to.

Loyalty - I am very loyal to servers I staff on if they treat me well I will try my best to repay them by keeping the community clean, however, I won't be treated like a dog at the same time. On previous servers where I have been a member of the staff, if I see corruption or disrespect towards me or any other member of staff from a higher up member of staff I will alert the owners or staff managers, if they don't do anything I will not let myself be pushed around, I doubt this will happen with CavePvp though!

Teamspeak - In TeamSpeak I am calm with regular players and I am always polite. I never disrespect other players and I always try to be as helpful as I can when in support rooms.

Dedication - When I am given a staff role on any server, I am always willing to dedicate every single minute I can to the server. If I do get promoted, I will completely stop playing on other servers and tunnel one hundred percent of my focus to this server!

Team Work - When I am on any team, in Minecraft or anything for that matter, I always listen to other people and consider their opinions before I make my decisions.

When I am in a call with another staff member, screen sharing a player, for example, I am not loud and controlling. I would give the staff member who is screen sharing what I think he/she should do and if I am not trying to solve a problem, normally I won't even speak at all.

Active - I am very active the only time I am not active is when I am on a trip or when I have a have a school test coming up then I would let the staff manager know.

Nice to players - I am nice to players I am not toxic nor am I rude to players and I have a lot of past experience with helping players and not being toxic to the players on the server.

Recording - I have an ok PC so I will be able to record all bans and I will keep them on me until otherwise.

What is your past experience



KarmaHCF was a Network I thought I could make and make it big but I couldn't do anything when I tried to open because I didn't have the money nor did I have any YouTubers that would upload nor stream so I had to close the server down due to lack of money and lack of players.



I was a Head Admin On KryticMC I work hard and with the other staff team but I left the server due to the Owner's being very toxic as well Rude to there player's and their staff team. As well as the server owners didn't know how to run a staff team and a server.



I was an Admin on that server. it had a good player base 50 - 150 per day so I was really happy for all the successful times it had sadly no one donated so we run out of money for the hosting so I was quite sad but I got happy after I got told.



FlameHCF was an HCF Server, I was a proud Manager of Flame but the Owner's rain out of money and they couldn't keep the server Open due to these reasons , they also didn't know how to own a server, as well as they couldn't make a Store and they couldn't make a Forums so the Server shut down after a few weeks with making no money.



I was one of the three owners of rods, and it was successful as well it was hcf aswell we had Builders and devs but the developer's and builder's stopped working for us so we did not get along anymore so we had no staff and we became dead so we disband it and we stopped and whitelisted the server.



We tried to open the Server but that day the server was Etbed and after that, the Owner's couldn't pay for the server as they spent a lot of money on a Map and Youtuber's and Didn't make any money from the buycraft.


Sr. Mod

HCNation's was a server that I was staff on I was a Trial Mod for about 2 months and I was working really hard but I was inactive due to family issues and wasn't able to get on and I was demoted for inactive as well as another reason that I would not like to go into.



I was a Moderator+ on AlphaMC and the Owner's thought it would be a good idea to leave the server with only the staff member's (No owner's and no Managers) so the server soon found it's self with no one on it and not making any more money. This is a server that I was staff on before I bought it off of the Owners.



AceHCF was an HCF Server and we had big hopes, but the owners didn't know how to run a server so they kept messing with the players as well as the staff Members and the staff members were very toxic to other Staff Members as well as the players



RevilHQ was an HCF, Kitmap and a Practice Server, The Owners were making things up about there staff members and the staff managers and they were very toxic to other players as well as always saying the N word. I couldn't take it anymore so I left and a few of my staff member left with me due to all these reasons



CrypticHQ was a Factions server as well as a KitMap server, the server was supposed to be big as well as we had a lot of YouTubers and partners but the Owner's as well as the admins were really toxic and didn't know what they were doing so I had to leave the server due to not being respected, as well as a few other staff member's, as well as the Owner, 's kept pushing back the release.



I was a proud Manager of AuroraMC we had to reset our Server so our first map back we got a average amount of player (50-100). I had to leave the server due to my brother having issues and having issues at home as well as school.



ElementHCF was an HCF, Kitmap Server, The server had big hopes like all Server's but the Server Owner, as well as the Manager, didn't know how to run a server, as well as the Manager, didn't know how to Manage his staff team.



SyncHCF was an HCF, Kit map Server I was one of the few Moderators of SyncHCF, the Owner's thought they could bring SyncHCF back but they kept running out of money from Youtuber's and we kept getting Etbed due to a Manager being demoted , So I had to leave there network due to no one ever being on and due to inactive , as well as all the staff members leaving due to the same reasons.



DebuffCC was an HCF server and it was supposed to be a good release but the server was Etbed after sotw and the owners didn't want to go through what happened again so they had to close down the server.



HCPrides was a Kitmap and an HCF Server , I was really happy to work on HCPride and that was my favorite server to staff on because the players were so nice as well as the staff manager and the other staff members , the owners couldn't stand getting ddosed as well as not being able to play due to issues and they couldn't pay for the Youtuber's as well as the Partners.


Trial Mod

HCGod's was an HCF, Kitmap Server, when the server first opened they got over 60 player's but they couldn't pay for the YouTubers as well as keep staff member's who are wanting to help out due to there player base being toxic to all the staff member's as well as not being able to player due to most of the staff member's getting ddosed, so I left the server due to those reason's.



I was staff on FaithfulMC for about two weeks when school was starting I had to leave because I wanted to focus on my studies and I wasn’t able to be on the server as much as I was used to, so I left due to family issues and my school starting back.

Additional Information:


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