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  1. Maracel

    Resignation Note

  2. Maracel

    Resignation Note

    Goodbye everyone. I had a good run on CavePvP, but to be honest, I am leaving cave because the player count is not very high, and if the server continues to lag when 200 people join it doesn't make the best experience. People are very disrespectful to staff and I just do not enjoy it. I liked...
  3. Maracel

    xEkstaz's Ban appeal

    DENIED Please make a serious appeal.
  4. Maracel

    MarcelV6 - Ban Appeal

    ACCEPTED However your ban was not false, I would like to give you a second chance I think you are a nice person. Thank you for finally taking your time to appeal. Your ban has been reduced to 7 days.
  5. Maracel

    87w's updated YT rank application

    +1 + Meets requiremtns + Chill guy + Not Toxic
  6. Maracel

    Official CavePvP Links!

    Welcome to the CavePvP Forums. Here are some useful links around the Forums Discord » Store » Telegram » Giveaway » Apply for staff » Hope that helps! Credit...
  7. Maracel

    Pending EsioTrot's Staff Application (EU)

    +1 + Added Detail + Can be active
  8. Maracel


    ACCEPTED Your application for the Youtuber rank has been accepted! Please message Fire#1101 on discord for more information.
  9. Maracel

    Denied Juai's Staff Application

    - 1 - Little to no detail.
  10. Maracel

    fy4's ban appeal

    ACCEPTED Your ban has been reduced to 14 days.
  11. Maracel

    YouTube Rank

    DENIED Must have 2 videos on cave prior to applying.
  12. Maracel


    -1 - Must have 2 videos on cave prior to applying.
  13. Maracel

    youtube rank

    -1 Use correct format
  14. Maracel

    87w's YouTube Rank Application

    -1 - Must have 2 videos on cave prior to applying
  15. Maracel

    Denied StaffApp

    -1 - Needs a lot of detail in all sections.
  16. Maracel

    Denied Dontrel (Canada)

    -1 Add more detail to most sections and I will probably change my response.
  17. Maracel

    Denied Shufflefly's Chatmod Application

    +1 + Despite the bad past, the application is nice, and he is a chill guy.
  18. Maracel

    Denied Application.

    -1 - Necesita mas detalle añadir más detalles a ¿Por qué quiere convertirse en personal de nuestro servidor? ¿Hay alguna posibilidad de que hables con fluidez / algún inglés?
  19. Maracel

    455's Builder Application

    +1 + Decent Builds + Reasoning for becoming builder - 2nd build isn't quite as good.
  20. Maracel

    Getting Banned again by Nitropvpyt and j6ke

    Capitals matter in discord friend requests. Why did you not put this thread in the correct section?