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    2O17 Staff Application [US]

    Big +1 Considering we need us staff members The application itsself seems to be very good.
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    Broccoli's Staff Application (AU)

    -1 no detial
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    Hi I will help out on this server

    Use the right format.
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    Denied Maualiaa's Staff application!

    BIG -1 Considering it's copied, the application its self is horrible and overall has no detial. If you are going to copie an application, use a good one. Firesteel4 needs to be denied. Copied.
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    10/10 best idea ever! (no joke)

    Good idea, but for example, if he doesn't want to become staff again, you can't just give him the rank, to do stuff. As he won't do anything, which he said, hes getting bored of the game. I would like him back, but that's not going to happen, sadly. But firesteel4 is a good manager too.
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    Pending EsioTrot's Staff Application (EU)

    Good morning, It's not just about how long it is. You can write 15 pages without actually going into you're application. That's what he did. So there's detial needed everywhere. And his application just seems long, because he adds stuff like, hacks he knows, which isn't necessary prior to...
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    Denied Juai's Staff Application

    -1 no effort at all Seems immature
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    Pending EsioTrot's Staff Application (EU)

    You gotta add more in the part why do you want to become staff
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    Pending EsioTrot's Staff Application (EU)

    -1 No detail whatsoever
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    Pending Varsityz Staff app

    neutral lacks some detials in every part
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    List of all the bugs (that i know) on CavePvP's HCF

    Looks good kurtyo, thanks for reporting.
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    Denied GetGoodSkids Chat-Mod App :)

    Seems like a nice guy :D Seems to have no detial and including (viper is trash, cave is better), makes you seem not very mature and unproffesional. Im giving you a -1 for this.
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    Denied glise6's Staff Application

    Lacks of effort put in the application -1
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    Beinf denied again, after multiple times of reapplying.

    Thats toxic? Everyone should know, that that is a joke. As I said that to our own faction, when we capped koth.
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    Denied Dawn4life's Staff Application [EU]

    Stated above, repeats a lot of stuff.