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  1. Operant

    Resigned - 2/12/19

    Resigned - 2/12/19
  2. Operant

    87w's updated YT rank application

  3. Operant

    Pending EsioTrot's Staff Application (EU)

    -1 Listing Not needed information, I recommended making changes
  4. Operant

    Prittys Ban App

    Accepted, Your appeal has been accepted, and your punishment has been reduced to 7 days. Sincerely, Operant
  5. Operant

    Denied HalfDollar's Staff Application

    +1 Was staff on here before, knows the ropes
  6. Operant

    Denied MyNameisJeff staff app

    +1, Worked with in the past.
  7. Operant

    Denied glise6's Staff Application

    -1, Add a color scheme, lacks effort
  8. Operant

    Denied Staff Application

    -1 Lacks Detail
  9. Operant

    Beinf denied again, after multiple times of reapplying.

    There is a reason why you were denied, You making a thread like this would only lower your chances.
  10. Operant

    List of all the bugs (that i know) on CavePvP's HCF

    Noted, Will be looked at.
  11. Operant

    Denied Dawn4life's Staff Application [EU]

    -1 To many spaces, and lacks detail
  12. Operant

    Denied StaffApp

    -1 No detail put in. Best of luck, Operant
  13. Operant

    Moderator- 2/2/19

    Moderator- 2/2/19
  14. Operant


    You are probably looking at the wrong one, Hes profile is fine.
  15. Operant

    Important CavePvP 3.0 Announcement

  16. Operant

    Pending SteamMop Staff Application! [US]

    -1 stated above
  17. Operant

    Denied Dontrel (Canada)

    You also applied on SagePvP With the same application as this one.
  18. Operant

    Denied Redeveloping's Staff Application [US]

    Calling out other staff members saying there toxic is just making you more likely to get denied, You can't handle the truth and the criticism we are giving you.
  19. Operant

    Denied Dontrel (Canada)

    put it in replys then.